How can we get people to WANT to wait in line? With Helix the game we took the challenge of making waiting in line to feel like a possibility instead of a boring must.

The solution

To address long queues at Liseberg's Helix roller coaster, an innovative solution was introduced: the world's first synchronized queue entertainment. Helix the game not only added an element of fun to waiting but also allowed the top scorer every 15 minutes to access the VIP passage, bypassing the queues. The approach aimed to make the waiting experience more enjoyable, fun and practical for visitors.


The queue entertainment app became a huge success with a quarter of a million downloads in just a couple of months. Additionally, the app also won several awards, including Guldägg, Diamantnyckel, Gold in the Epica Awards, and a Silver Lion in Cannes Lions.

Addictive! I Can't stop playing Inverted Top Hat.

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In its first year